Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Carbonell 1 Litro – Imported by World of Spain


Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

Las cantidades siguientes, corresponden a 100 g de este producto

Valor Energético(kJ) 3700.0 kjValor Energético (kcal) 900.0 kcalGrasas 100.0 gGrasas Saturadas 13.0 gHidratos de carbono 0.0 gFibra 0.0 gProteínas 0.0 gSal 0.0 gMonoinsaturados 79.0 gPoliinsaturados 8.0 g


Importado a U.S.A. por World of Spain LLC

World of Spain LLC is an official and duly registered limited Liability company based in the state of Florida. Its principal line of business is the importation and distribution of Spanish product and services into the United States of the main market leading brands through its Exclusive Distribution and importation agreements.

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