2 Unidades de SOS arroz 1kilo . Clásico

Arroz SOS , Arroceros desde 1903

Arroceros desde 1903

SOS arroz 1kilo . El arroz que tienes de toda la vida en tu casa, el que te daba tu madre, con el que conseguirás acertar en todas tus recetas de arroz.

Arroz Sos Clásico 1 Kg
100% Arroz grano redondo

Las cantidades siguientes, corresponden a 100 g de este producto

Valor Energético(kJ) 1503.0 kjValor Energético (kcal) 354.0 kcalGrasas 0.5 gGrasas Saturadas 0.1 gHidratos de carbono 79.5 gAzúcares 0.1 gFibra 2.8 gProteínas 6.5 gSal 0.0 g

Importado a U.S.A. por World of Spain LLC

World of Spain LLC is an official and duly registered limited Liability company based in the state of Florida. Its principal line of business is the importation and distribution of Spanish product and services into the United States of the main market leading brands through its Exclusive Distribution and importation agreements.


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Horchata de chufa by Chifi from Valencia Spain. The always refreshing Horchata de chufa. The signature drink of Valencia, energetic and nutritious drink high in minerals and vitamins E & C. Horchata is one of Spain’s most traditional and well known drinks.

Not to be confused with Mexican horchata made with almond or rice, this signature drink of Valencia is made with chufa-nuts. The chufa-nut is actually the root of the plant of the same name that is later cleaned and dried for about 3 months

Size 1 quart bottle
Always refreshing great with cinnamon and lemon accents
High in oleic acids (omega-9)
Digestive tract regulator
Low sodium
Does not require refrigeration for storage, until opened.
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Plump orange mussels from the coast of Galicia are a favorite in the bars and restaurants of the region. Conservas de Cambados captures the fresh taste and tenderness of just cooked mussels in their canned gourmet mejillones.

They are prepared with a vinegar and paprika marinade that adds a little zing to their flavor. Serve as a tapa with toast or crackers.

In Galicia, mussels are farmed off the Rias, the cool tidal rivers of this northern Spanish region. Only the finest mussels are selected to be prepared by Conservas de Cambados, and each tin is packed by hand.

The seas off the coast of Galicia in Northwest Spain are cool and rich in nutrients, making them an incredible fishing ground. Conservas de Cambados is located close to one of Spain’s largest Rías (estuaries), known as the ‘Ría de Arousa’. Their facilities are very close to where the seafood is harvested, so they are able to use the freshest fish, squid and shellfish available.

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